• I know the guy quite well. We are very close friends!
    • Linda Joy
      Tell us about him!
    • Thinker
      He is nearly 80 years old, Divorced but not looking, Used to drive a school bus until change in health, Jesus Christ is most important in his life.
    • Linda Joy
      I like that!
    • Linda Joy
      I'm a thinker, but not THE thinker of AB.
  • who think for his lively goals.
  • have no idea
    • Linda Joy
      Scroll up and meet thinker! First comment!
  • If you're a thinker, it may take you a while to make an important decision. You can use the noun thinker when you talk about a smart, scholarly person who's known for being an intellectual, or to describe someone who contemplates every choice at great length.

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