• have no idea, check to see if amazon has it, they sell everything
    • Anonymous
      lol, they have it (Bell Plantation PB2 Powdered Peanut Butter 1lb (Bell Plantation PB2 Powdered Peanut Butter 1lb) thanx.
  • Yes, I noticed Aldi here sells it. I haven't researched it yet but I can see some obvious advantages. I didn't check the price, though. I think used to sell it. They've transitioned to Rainy Day Foods now, but I haven't shopped with them in over 10 years.
    • Anonymous
      Gosh, do you folks have an Aldi, there is one nearby I'll go see. Rainy Day Foods should be called 'Comfort Foods'- amazing!
    • Linda Joy
      I used to brag about Aldi till they remodeled. It may just be a coincidence and inflation, but many of their prices have gone up. Chicken thighs used to be .48 lb. Now they're .79! That's almost doubled since last year! Wal-Mart's leg quarters are cheaper! But every time I go to the store I'm passing over stuff saying I can't have that, it's too high!
  • Yes, PB2
  • Yes its sold in the nearest supermarket where I live. IDK if other supermarkets sell it too,
  • PB2 in Shoprite
  • I'd never heard of it but apparently they do, £6.99 (just over $9) for a 180g (6.35 oz) jar.

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