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I hung out with this guy and he basically forced me to have sex with him and he did put on a condom and because I was so scared I kept reaching down to make sure the condom was dry and still all the way on and to my knowledge I think it was.I tried to forget about it and move on and four and a half days later I got with my boyfriend and slept with him without a condom and he came inside me. I ended up pregnant and had the guy that forced me to have sex with him do a paternity test with him through ddc who claims they are accredited by the aabb and it came back negative but I'm still really scared to go through with this pregnancy just in case its his. should I be? They didnt do it for the courts because he wouldn't put his real name one the paperwork and the test came back with no names on it. I wonder if it's more accurate if they know it's for the courts. I also wonder If I have this baby can I sue if there was no names on the test I got back They only got my real info not his. This guy is moving the country today and before he left promised to leave me with swabs to do a dna test when the baby was born. I've had to be nice to him and put up with the way he talks to me for wks since the test only for him to say f u in the end and leave without giving them to me. I did this test cause I wanted to make sure that it wasnt the disgusting guys who forced me. I wouldve got an abortion If it said it was his cause I can't have a baby with someone like that and I dont know what that will do if the baby comes out and looks like him. Im traumatized and dont want to even put myself in that kind of situation to know how hard it will be..It said no but after a couple scarey reviews I read and it wasnt for the court I'm so unbelievably scared. I can't even involve the guy I was with cause what if it comes back it's not his. He will hate me forever.I shouldn't have to explain or stick up for myself about what happened to me on top of everything. I would be so embarrassed cause he asked to do a test already.So now I f

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