• Blind faith, just like the God believers, in lightbulbs.
  • Put your smart phone in the frig, start the video, and close the door. If the camera is gone when you open the door you'll know that it really IS magic.
    • Ice man
      My phone isn't very smart, but I like your idea. : )
  • Drill a hole thru your fridge door.
    • Ice man
      Clever idea, thanks. < Ice man gets out his drill >
    • Lilo Avli
      Like you ever put it away.
    • Ice man
      So true, Brenda says "hi". lol
    • Lilo Avli
      Is that your transgender alter ego ?
    • Ice man
      No silly, it's the vicars wife..
  • I knew one little bitty guy once who asked about how to know if the light goes out in his fridge. He sort of did not like my suggestion to just climb in and shut the door. He was more concerned how he would get out.
  • Do you see?? This is why there has to be warnings on the side of my morning Dunkin Donuts coffee!! Idiots like this!! Just get inside and close the door, just like any other normal person!
    • Ice man
      LOL Thank you, It's been a long day and I needed the laugh.
    • we are dough 68
      Just look in a mirror, then !
    • Hardcore Conservative
  • An elephant can tell you.
  • Just unscrew the light bulb, problem solved...Wait, is this a joke about a pregnant Polish blond?
  • I press the button designed to disconnect the power.
  • Open your fridge door fully and at the side of the light box of the fridge will be a small lever/switch. Press it and the light will go off, release and it will come on. If your light is not coming on then you need to replace the bulb.
  • probably by getting inside the fridge

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