• my friend has been doing it since ive been out of work
    • Anonymous
      A nice friend you have there.
  • No one. I don't have wifi.
    • Anonymous you have broadband? Maybe you use telekinesis LindaJoy, you seem the type
    • Linda Joy
      Just my phone
    • Anonymous
      Your phone has to have wifi for you to access the internet: it is called data & probably included in the phone contract monthly subscription costs.
    • Linda Joy
      My phone gets internet with WiFi turned off.
    • Anonymous
      Ha!! A smartphone then! thanx Linda Joy
    • Linda Joy
      Ok yeah. An android.
    • Linda Joy
      I have wifi as well now, and I pay for it.
  • I do no one loves me.
    • Linda Joy
      I love you, but I'm not paying for your wifi! lol
  • I pay for it and paid my bill for $279.00 includes the bill for cable and internet yes Comcast money makers, scammers
    • Linda Joy
      You're the one who fell for it!
  • I pay for it. I pay through the nose for Comcast. I pay 200/M for cable, www and cell. Its too much and when they raise their rates past 200 I am going to cut the cord. ๐Ÿ˜Œ
    • Linda Joy
      I pay 63/mo for wifi, 45/mo for my phone and I don't watch tv. I watch internet.
  • I do (of course)
  • I do, of course. Well, my husband and I do.
  • I pay for it myself.
  • I live in a test market area & when google fiber optic cable was introduced They made me an offer i couldn't refuse. I paid an installer $300 to lay the fiber optic cable under my yard & into my basement & then I got a free basic WiFi modem for 7 years @ the rate of zero dollars per month.. OOPS I Probably shouldn't have said anything because I'm pretty sure that was more than 7 years ago & I still have free WiFI.!..
    • Linda Joy
  • I pay for the VDSL. Who the hell else would? Social Services now including free internet allowance with the welfare checks? Wouldn't surprise me none!
  • Me. Comcast, 186 bucks a month. More than its worth๐Ÿ˜’.

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