• I had an ex-bf that said I did a whole three stooges routine in my sleep. I think he was exaggerating! But there have been reports of me walking and talking in my sleep since childhood and I've had a few episodes of night terrors. Mostly when I was homeless. My bunk mate at the time (my daughter in love now) thought it was funny when I shouted out in my sleep "Stop or I'm going to have to shoot you!" But she didn't know until we were talking about it years later that I was dreaming about being in the Navy and I was assigned to guard a building and several kids (around 10 yo) were trying to break in and steal stuff. I drew down but just couldn't fire on them. That was even worse than the ones were my ex was trying to kill me. Life is much better now though I still have several sleep issues, and nightmares from time to time, but they are usually about being incompetent at a new job, or being put out of a place to stay by people who had claimed to love me and welcomed me in. I haven't been homeless or had a job in about 15 years now.
  • Only when I listen to Santo & Johnny's Sleep Walk:
  • I haven't in a long time, but I used to.

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