• No, rocket man is going to be stopped before them missiles leave the ground
  • Unless they send terrorists, Boston is safe from NK. Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands may not be as lucky.
  • i hope theyre not going to do that
  • 9-27-2017 I dunno. Some people think California is in danger of an attack. Well, that is almost half way around the world, which means all populated land masses are within range. Maybe. It seems preposterous that a tiny country like N. K. can threaten the whole world, but that is what England did and they only had steamboats.
    • mushroom
      Gen. Howe had enough men and firepower in his ships to obliterate Washington's army in Brooklyn just as soon as the revolution began, but Howe didn't want to be remembered in history as the man who slaughtered his own countrymen. From their later history of colonialism, perhaps the Brits "learned" their lesson.
    • Jewels Vern
  • I'm sure they dream of it!
  • North Korea has no intention of blowing up anything. Just as America has no intention of nuking North Korea. What you're forgetting is that all American Administrations always parade a "deadly enemy" to cow their citizens with. Trump cannot use Russia the way Reagan did -he's a Russian shill after all. Hence why he's putting NK on that pedestal.

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