• How to drive. How to apply for a job. How to open a bank account. How to use credit. How to buy a car at a dealership. How to apply for college. My parents did not parent me or provide much for me beyond age 10 or 11. I could cook, clean, do my own laundry etc. but had to figure out everything else on my own or with the help of friends.
    • Linda Joy
      I've often felt that in some ways I was on my own since birth! My father left when I was two and my mother was mentally damaged when hit by a car at 12. I learned a lot by keeping my eyes open! Learning mostly what not to do! But at least we had the advantage of learning how to be independent early and figuring out the answers for ourselves. Some children are literally crippled by their parents being overprotective so that's a bright side right?
    • BRG
      I've always said that by the time we graduate high school.....high school, not college!! everyone should know the things you mentioned!!! sad to say they don;t 7 sure didnt' when I graduated way way back in 1960!!! (yeah, the fabulous '60's!!!! lol) and no education in basic financial knowledge; like stock market, how to invest, what's a mutual fund, that kinda stuff......very very sad. kids today have all this 'tech' crap in their heads but can't carry on a simple conversation, and go around with their faces plastered to a screen!! just wait, kids, when you're all middle-aged and older, your generation will have the HIGHEST RATES OF BAD EYESIGHT AND POSTURE, EVER.........bad eyesight from all those screens, and bad posture from NEVER SITTING UP STRAIGHT WHEN YOU USE THE DARN SCREENS. but hey, I'm an old guy so whadda I know? LOL :-D
    • Franco333
      No worries. I'm sure all them classes in Commie Theory, Socialist Economics, Applied CRT, Feminazi Studies, PC Lingo, etc., will more than make up for the lack of arithmetic, reading, or any practical training in basic skills. After all, what does one really need to know to apply for squatter's rights to the parents basement, get welfare/food stamps, and wait for mommy/daddy to drop dead....then inherit the house? The leftist life cycle!
  • How to cook.
    • Linda Joy
      I agree a lot of parents drop the ball on that one. I remember asking my mother to teach me to cook once. She told me to do something and then told me I was taking too long so she did it herself. My ex-husband's mother taught me how to cook first. I learned the rest through OJT working at restaurants..
  • 8-5-2017 Anything. When I was four my mother let me light the gas oven, but she didn't bother to supervise. The explosion was small, so damage was no more than singed eyebrows. My father couldn't remember my name.
    • Linda Joy
      Your father couldn't remember your name before or after the explosion?
    • Jewels Vern
      Never could. He always called me by the name of whichever older brother he had talked to last.
  • How to deal with a$$hole bosses. 😏
  • There are many, many things but I have learned most of them the hard (& most effective) way.

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