• I've seen it and I think it's stupid and dangerous for the visibility reason. They should be banned at best, and heavily fined at least. I should also mention that these are light vehicles (pick-ups) and not big rigs. The modern big rig diesels are regulated & have to burn clean.
  • Nothing to be concerned about unless it's YOUR truck. Being driven by a showoff with a 12 year old mind in a 17 year old body wearing a Garth Brooks hat wrecking Daddy's truck. It obviously hasn't occurred to Bubba that second gear is called second gear because there is a first gear, and THAT is where you're supposed to start out, unless their a 17 year old moron. About the same as someone who squeezes the clutch and revs his (her) Harley when they go through the underpass. On the good side, given the right conditions it can even drown out the boom box in the car behind you.

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