• Pull hard on your three testicles.
    • beaker95
      That causes my eyes to water and my knees to buckle.
    • Ice man
      I knew you'd like it ...
    • beaker95
      ...but my breasts are still huge. What am I going to do ? Start wearing a bra ?
    • Ice man
      You wouldn't be the first guy to wear one. But get your own because the wife will get pissed off if you keep using hers.
    • Selena gomez
      O comon Man! It is general thing it is happening because of the big boobs I was prone to get attack twice, Thanks God, I escaped!! I asked them the solutuion they Whatsapp me this URL. Now can you believe it that we may reduce my vigrx spray prix it is a bit panic but it is helping my testosterone to get harmonies work effectively and better.
    • Ice man
      Yes, it's always great getting your "harmonies" strait. Very nice of you to drop by, and I see you're back in town wearing a new hat. Were you locked up in the cereal box again ??
  • Pushups and pull ups
  • Make sure you're not turning into a female first. Seems quite common nowadays!
  • More foods friendly to testosterone production and less foods that boost estrogen.
  • Eat healthier, workout and replace that fat with protein.
  • ask your doctor about that, and get it checked to find out why thats happening

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