• Yes. I changed it because I was getting complaints I don't know why anybody even cares I should probably just go back to the bag face
    • Linda Joy
      I probably wouldn't even have one if you hadn't encouraged me to do so. Which one do you think I should choose or do you even care? Just as long as I stick with one?
    • Ice man
      Personally I thought the navy ship was your best choice. It's an inanimate object that represents a part of you that nobody can dispute. If they do ... tell them to fuck off !! Posting old personal photos of yourself, pets, babies or kids in general will always draw the wrong attention. The main thing is pick one and stick with it !!! Others are seeing you change your avatar frequently, and are now starting to do the same. People will follow you ...and you're setting the wrong example. It's a problem we had on the old AB, and one that I had hoped we could avoid here, on the new AB..
    • Anoname
      This toddler picture works fine. Didn't care for the ship. Heart was too overwhelming. I was glad you started using an avatar as you have some of the best questions and this makes you easy to spot amongst the others.
    • Ice man
      The problem with using personal and child photos is that it attracts the perverts. That's why I suggest something inanimate, that somehow personally relates to her.
    • Linda Joy
      You put me in a bit of a catch-22 here ice man. You say you don't want me to change my avatar but you don't like the one I'm using
    • Ice man
      What you use for your avatar is not up to me, it's completely up to you. You said you were getting complaints, and I'm only offering advice by pointing out the pros and cons. If you don't like my advice - don't take it. The only thing I'd ask you to do ... is to decide on one and then stop changing it.
    • Ebenezer Stonehenge
      Just do you get a bag face?

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