• Help you safely home. There is no stranger in my world, only relatives. Remember the movie "Roman Holiday"? I'm Joe Bradley
    • Linda Joy
      Aww! I like that! Thank you!
  • I would break your fall, put you in the recovery position, check your pockets for cash, finish any drink you left and buy myself a kebab on the way home.
    • Linda Joy
      Which recovery position?
    • we are dough 68
      On all fours, facing Mecca. With a tangerine in your mouth.
    • Percussion
  • call 911 and they will take you to the hospital
  • Offer good passing advice. "Stay down til you stop falling will have a lot less far to fall." I learned my lesson long ago, and don't play the Good Samaritan!
  • I'd put you outside until you sleep it off. BTW its -40F
  • step over you and keep walking. people need to learn to take personal responsibility for their actions.
    • Linda Joy
      I love it! And I agree!
  • As a gentleman I would escort you to a place of safety & if possible provide you with water, coffee & a bucket. But if I was as drunk as you I'd probably fall over next to you!

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