• I only ever lightened mine a little to a lighter blonde. No wait! One Halloween I sprayed on that temporary black coloring to go with my witches outfit. And it wasn't as temporary as they claimed!
    • Linda Joy
      What about you what crazy colors have you sported?
    • ARTICFOX700
      None yet but may need a little light brown on the mustache, only trouble is I have a bad tendency to chew on it and if I color it I will inject the dye and who knows.
    • Linda Joy
      Why do you feel you need to dye your mustache? Is it turning gray? I think I'd rather see a graying one than a dyed one. But then I don't know, I've probably seen several dyed ones and just didn't know it. But also dying it might encourage you to stop chewing it. My ex absolutely thought he could not stop biting his nails until he started doing Service Plumbing. Lol.

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