• Man-scapeing. There's a shape.
    • Linda Joy
      So what about it are you smooth or furry?
    • Anoname
      Perhapse you don't know what man-scapeing is. The "fur" is in a shape so logically the rest would be smooth.
    • Linda Joy
      I'm familiar with manscaping. I just wasn't aware men we're 'manscaping' designs into their chest hair. I thought it was either there or not, but whatever floats their boat!
  • 6-21-2017 Sternum bush! I never heard it called that before. It is wonderful that you present new thoughts to us every day. Keep up the good work.
  • Chest hair? Hair in the middle looks weird. It's supposed to be on the pecs. I'd probably shave or Nair my back if it was hairier. Under the undies is different tho. Removing the downstairs flavor/stink saver is just good hygiene.
    • Linda Joy
      I was referring to chest hair. Oh my gosh it doesn't stink if its clean and no hair down there just looks adolescent, prepubescent. But you know what, to each their own. I guess a lot of people are doing it nowadays.
  • I;m smooth, and that came in handy when I had my little procedure done. No hair =no pain in getting it pulled out
    • Linda Joy
      What procedure? And who pulls it out? Usually for a surgical procedure it's shaved isn't it? I'm definitely getting an education here today! Lol
    • ARTICFOX700
      When I had 2 procedures to insert 4 stents, seemed that my arteries were a little backed up, so they attach lots of stuff to your chest being hairless saved me any pain on my hair being pulled out, as far as my private parts go yes they did shave me and wraped up my private parts due to radition being administered
    • Linda Joy
      Radiation for what? Jimmy had radiation for his tuberculosis it left burn marks!
    • Linda Joy
      I guess those electrodes would rip the hair out when removed.
  • never heard of it
    • Creamcrackered
      You don't know what you're missing Pearl :)
  • irn not
  • I keep all my chest hair, trim down below occasionally, wifey has always preferrs a full bush which certainly wasn't my preference but it fits with her body type and I have come a custom to.
  • That looks like a vagina bush on his chest! What the hell was that video director thinking!
    • Linda Joy
      Before pedophiles took over the porn industry somewhere around the 70's-80's wanting women to look like little girls people were attracted to the natural signs a person is an adult, such as hair, breasts, hips, etc. Chest hair is sexy! Well, on a male, anyway.
  • I've got to admit, this question made me smile, so thank you. I like sternum bush, something manly about it.
    • Linda Joy
      I'm afraid its becoming a thing of the past.
    • Creamcrackered
      Weird isn't it, beards have been a thing now for quite a while, imagine a man with a big beard and no chest hair, it just seems odd?

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