• 6-12-2017 Whoa nellie, they sure do. They call me names, they block me, they post bullshit to refute me, they get their friends to gang up on me. And the worst of the bunch so far has been a Christian subforum at reddit. I quoted some bible verses and got so many downvotes that I couldn't post any more. Reddit works that way, so I just stopped hanging out there. That is not the only site I have been bounced from.
  • Apparently so., very. very few postings lately. She knew just who I was talking about. Talking about me behind my back is one thing but the minute you tell a lie about my Mother.....that just did it for me.
    • Linda Joy
      I don't think I could sit still for that one either.
  • sometimes
  • not that i know of
  • People may get mad at me because I think I am right and they don't agree. If we both agree that I am correct, it sounds like a serious personality disorder where they are actually mad themselves for being wrong, as if being wrong and mad is more adult then being wrong and gaining knowledge. Either way my response is the same -- I may try to clarify or explain -- but seldom convince as most people treasure their opinions more then considering another's. I may be wrong.
    • Linda Joy
      there's a lot of Truth and wisdom in that. Thank you.
  • sometimes, it might be better not to respond
    • Rick Myres
      I do that then they get mad because I did not respond. So they were only looking for trouble.
  • Every day..I laugh.
  • sometimes, thats their problem if they get mad about it
  • Someone has lied about me many times and now her family thinks I lied about her when I did not, and ignored me on Facebook. Oh what a crooked twisted world we live in. God knows my every thought and all that I say. My conscience is clear. 1:18 PM 6/15/18
  • well say no more to them if they are angry otherwise you will have an argument .....
  • It happens, though usually only if someone has been loudly proclaiming something wrong and I'm able to show that he or she IS wrong. Obviously no one is going to like that. What would you expect? The best way to handle it is to remain calm after you've made your point and to change the subject/walk away as soon as possible. And some people just aren't worth engaging with. On an online site, you quickly learn who those people are.
  • You can be "Dead Right".
    • Linda Joy
      Yuup! And you can have the right of way and still be just as wrecked if you take it!
  • "No one is more hated than he who speaks the truth" - Plato
  • Yes, it happens all the time. They hate losing. That's why they are mad. lol
  • Usually. I guess so on AB because when I speak the truth about some Biblical truths my comments get removed. People don't like to hear the truth and prefer the Gnostic lies.

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