• Other people can answer this question too, right? I feel kind of singled out here... It's karma what did I do this time? Should I be ducking and covering? I pronounce it car-a-mel but then I'm not from anywhere I've been down South for 20 years I've got an accent but I was born in the Midwest I've been North on both corners and south on both corners, If You can count Texas as a corner LOL how do people in Arizona pronounce it?
    • Jewels Vern
      I posted this a couple of weeks ago when you were complaining because I post so few questions. I only just now noticed that you never responded. All this time I thought you had.
    • Linda Joy
      Thank you for posting questions! And for drawing my attention to this one! I appreciate it! We need more people asking questions! I don't get notifications when someone asks a question with my name, or for comments that are not on my answers. But you did good! I appreciate you! (Smiling)
  • not sure what your question is

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