• Sure - Log in to the Federal Register's main page at See 1994 Volume 59 through 2007 Volume 71. Select simple search 1994 forward. Select Volume 61. Put in search "page 44396." Let me know what you come up with. and thank you, a lot
    • Linda Joy
      Oh no! I've now edited the question. Lol! What is the question though?
    • Linda Joy
      I'm pretty sure I can't even remember your instructions long enough to follow that sequence
    • Boola Boo
      It is a serious question. I just want to see if someone else has the same problem as I have had.
  • No. But would be interested to learn more about you as you seem a curious but mercurial character. Not bipolar, but pretty erratic at times. You're either a heavy drinker or seem to come on here with a different mood every day.
    • Linda Joy
      In the past I have allowed your comments insulting my intelligence to bother me I'm working on that but if you really want to learn more about me just ask me questions instead of insulting me.
  • Is a bottomless pit just a hole straight through the earth?
    • Linda Joy
      Is this in your questions list? I need to revisit your profile anyway it's been a while since I answered some of your questions.
    • Linda Joy
      the bottomless pit is a hole straight through your mind or your heart it has nothing to do with Earth.
  • I would like to know what city your in, what your favorite color is and number is and when your birthday is?
    • Linda Joy
      Birmingham Alabama, Hot pink ( especially when paired with black), 7, April 9. But these are not your answer bag questions! Doesn't matter I'll answer most any questions you have.
  • Feel free to choose questions to answer from my profile, Linda Joy. I haven't posted anywhere near as many questions as answers. :)
  • i think you already answered mine
  • Two -- One is in regard to colors, and how we perceive them. We see the color not absorbed by an item -- reflected color. Are "black" and "white" colors? Is one all hues and the other the lack of any? If none, how do we see the item. The other a Bryan quote --short version -- "Destiny is a matter of choice." Seems nonsensical, if a choice then it is not destiny, correct?
  • If I swim on my kitchen floor, will the man-eating floor sharks come after me ?
  • yes, just go into my profile and answer some of my questions

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