• Short bus? All the buses look the same size in my city.
    • Linda Joy
      Here 'the short bus' is used for children with special needs.
    • Qagidi
      Never heard the expression either. In Africa there is virtually no welfare, it's survival of the fittest. Luckily, I've always been fit and healthy.
    • Linda Joy
      Its not welfare, exactly. But you did widen my perspective! Thank you.
  • Nope. Too tall.
  • I never rode it but our school district has them
  • Short busses became a thing of the past after the "No Child Left Behind" law went into effect. Most of these people have probably never heard of the short bus, although I can surmise a few should have ridden one back in the day.
    • Linda Joy
      I assume that's your way of saying they are mentally limited? When in reality they are socially limited? Or maybe disagree with you? My son rode the short bus for a time. He is a genius who had behavior issues for a time. They are also for those who are limited in what they can do physically. And thanks for snapping me into the present. I guess it HAS been a while since I worked with the special needs children.

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