• Like most boys I liked playing with my toy cars in the bathtub.
    • Linda Joy
      I guess my boys weren't like most boys. They had bathtub toys but they didn't play with their cars in the bathtub.
    • Thinker
      I never had bathtub toys.
      Anoname: is that really what most boys do? Certainly that's never happened in my family.
  • me and my twin sister used to have these dolls that walk,
  • Tonka trucks and green army men.
  • My favorite childhood toy was a hard rubber truck with actual working wheels on it that a doctor's son tossed into the trash and had a long string I pulled it everywhere with.
  • I had several. A big (18 inches tall) panda bear I named Muggsie. Lincoln longs and tinker toys, Later it was erector sets and electric train. Of all it had to be the electric train and the erector set were my favorites. I enjoyed most anything I could construct. later and into my teen years it was model planes (stick and tissue) as well as model boats and cars all of wood. I never cared for the plastic stuff.
    • Linda Joy
      I liked the building toys as well.
  • My fairytale books, Dad would buy me. They were huge hardbacks, with colorful illustrations:)
  • My electric train and my erector set. If kites count I made and flew many. I also had my big stuffed animal panda bear. I think it finally just came all to pieces and was thrown out.
  • Army men. I always had them surround my sister's Barbie house and would taunt her before making the final assault.
  • My Schwinn, Tonka trucks, Lincoln Logs, Volleyball and badminton in the back yard, basketball hoop on our garage, and chalk for hopscotch, etc
  • i used to have a doll that walked
  • Naturally, different at different times of my childhood. I had one of those old-school cast metal Tonka pickup trucks that was large enough for me to ride when I got it. I had an "X-15", that was sort of a tricycle that looked like a spaceship or jet (and had a stick to steer instead of handlebars). A bicycle. A thing called "Grippidy Gravity", which was sort of like a train set where the battery-powered cars would travel along the track even vertically and upside-down. etc.
  • My electric train set and my erector set.
  • Electric train, bicycle, I am a farmer so I can say my chickens Had a rooster that would fly upon my shoulder and eat bread also would shit on me April 06 2022

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