• MSG poison stay away if you like your mind and brain.
    • Linda Joy
      You don't eat any foods with MSG?
    • Thinker
      I try my best to never eat anything with MSG but sometimes it is unavoidable or I don't know it is fixed with MSG. MSG can trigger Alzheimer's if it is in your bloodline family. It is in mine.
  • KFC changed a lot.. I think they leave the chicken out too long now days.. I remember when KFC chicken was steaming when you opened the top. Now it's warm and moist..
    • Linda Joy
      That's probably because of the frivolous lawsuit against McDonald's for coffee that was too hot!
    • Linda Joy
      seriously it has to be kept at 160 degrees in the warmers, display cases, and the steam tables
    • Linda Joy
      You may want to check the health score at the KFC where you visit.
  • KFC here closed then opened then closed then opened then closed again. Now for 3 or 4 years the building has be there with signs saying it is KFC and empty. Where is my extra crispy dinner at??
    • Linda Joy
      You bring the chicken I'll fry it! Lol
    • Rick
      Oh yummy like when will I be eating? Will it have mashed tators and gravy and biscuits too?
    • mushroom
      I hope it doesn't look like this:

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