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  • Oh dear, I tried to de-solder the joint, and I made the situation worse. I seem to have three testicles now, but I'm not sure which - if any - of them are living flesh. There was a plum I dropped down there last month, and it may have fossilized. (At least, that looks like a plum..) Also I keep my poenies down there. (It's a good storage area) I'm thinking of getting out the nips, and removing bits and pieces, one at a time, to see what makes me go ouch and what does not. Will let you know how that goes... "OW!!!" Okay that one should probably stay... Oh. Too late. Oh dear. Why don't I go out to the bar on Saturday nights like everyone else? Oh dear. Oh my.. *snip* OUCH!! Oh dear.
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    • Mr PantsFellDown
      make an account. it's dead too, but it's mine, and swearing and cussing and acting like a shit head is encouraged,

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