• SSC Result 2017 will be published 4th may 2017.
  • Answering answer bag questions of course.
  • Well I would have been solving world hunger and curing disease, but I came here instead to answer questions of great import.
  • doing stuff on this site, which I enjoy very much..SIDE NOTE: used to be on Answermug but like THIS SITE SO MUCH has a cleaner look to it!! anyway, I'm on here right at the library and checking out all the guys!! many, so little time LOL......gee what a dirty mind, huh? oh well, I'm only human. and now my reply has gotten way out of hand, right? LOL :-D
  • Going to see if anyone knows where I might get a job tonight. Also will check out business suits. In the meantime I have a headache and am just sitting and trying to be quiet.

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