• We would have to find something else to do with our hands. What do women do with their hands? Maybe Mr. Pants has lost his penis and that is why his hands frequent crusty, old socks, in the shape of endangered animals. He likes to stroke his pussy, too. I have decided to keep my penis for now.
    • Linda Joy
      What do women do with their hands? Mostly care for others, at least that's been my observation.
    • Linda Joy
      Oh yeah, I have no intention of removing any penis. This is strictly a theoretical question,
    • Linda Joy
  • Without a penis? We'd still be pigs, but frustrated. Without BALLS on the other hand, oh THEN we'd be reading Cosmo, gossiping on the phone with girlfriends, and we'd be softer and more docile, less smelly even..making us much better pets. :D
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      It's true that I pet my pussy a lot. Em..this one...
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      That is "Captain Meow" ;)
    • Linda Joy
      My phone won't click the link! (Shrugs)
    • Mr PantsFellDown desktop or lap top then? Well...he is all black. And out of a litter of 7 he's the one nobody wanted, because the others were prettier and not into witchcraft (Yea, I have to keep telling him to stop casting spells on the neighbors! *sigh*) But really, people have superstitions about bad luck and black cats deep in their psyche, so vets actually have to tell people PLEASE adopt a black cat! (And don't let it out on Halloween!!) (Oh they get cats with arrows through them and such that time of year. It's awful. I've had a couple friends that were vets now. But anyway...I took the little black kitten and I told him he was beautiful and that I had already bought him toys including some that take batteries, but leave those alone, those are mine!!! BAD KITTY!! (No, I didn't do that.) We had a great time with a remote control mouse. He was small enough to sit on the palm of one hand, but he was quite the tough guy going after that thing! :) Wait..what were we saying? Oh yea. You couldn't see his picture. He's all black and his face looks like love. And those antennae on his head don't bother me at all. (though the government seems a bit concerned). Oh wait, no..he doesn't have antennae!! He doesn't. I always get that mixed up.) XD
    • Rick Myres
      I used to have a cat that looked much like that one, his name was Midnight.
  • With no way to inseminate a female we would probably sit back and watch mankind slowly become extinct.
    • Linda Joy
      As Mr Pants pointed out no penis does not = no sperm, just the lack of a delivery system. I'm sure we could find another, albeit much less enjoyable, way .
    • beaker95
    • Linda Joy
  • I'd be a lesbian.
    • Thriftymaid
      Good answer, AZ. :) 8-12-17
    • Linda Joy
      (Thumbs up X5 ! ! ha ha) Good answer!
  • 8-12-2017 At one time it was common practice to castrate boys just before puberty. That and extensive training gave them unusual singing abilities. It was mostly done in Italy, and is now illegal.
  • I could spend more time with my wife and kids, do more jobs around the house, take up hobbies, get a job, be an outstanding member of my community and moan about the toilet seat being left up.

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