• Captain Meow will be 9 years old on halloween. (Yep, I have a black cat born on Halloween. OOOOh) Naw, he's cool. Sad to see his years adding up though.
    • beaker95
      You are like my twin brother. Except you are better looking, more sociable, intelligent, creative, sexier, funny and likeable.
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      :) Thanks beaker! You're ok too!
  • My beautiful, delightful, best-friend-ever, called Ruby, is 8 and a half. She is a cross between a Chihuahua and a Yorkshire Terrier. She is a dog, but behaves like a human being. Honest. She looks like a miniature German Shepherd. (not one that has lost his sheep).
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      Oh, you must have got her right about when I was getting mine. Huh. Who knew. Where did you find her? I had to look on Craig's list for a couple months before I found a kitten to adopt (it was between seasons)(And I met a lot of weird people with funny ideas. It was bumming me out, and then I met some normal people who had taken great care of their cat's kittens, had one left, and didn't even want money for it. I drove 40 miles on a snowy December night to go get him. When I got him here, within 30 minutes he'd used the box and eaten some food. It was like he was home and knew it :) From there, well, it was almost like finding out what a mother goes through, because he learned everything he knows from me. And then one day he took all his toys, one at a time, out of the bedroom, where he had clung to me like glue. And I was sad!! *snif*. He wasn't "leaving me", he was just growing up and becoming independent. Another time he got so sick I thought he had died. Oh. That was a dark morning. ..But generally, he keeps me from screwing up. Because I wont abandon him so I have to get up in the mornings and feed him, and I cant go off on a bender, or do anything foolish at all. He keeps me in line. And watches TV with me, and even sleeps next to the pillow with me. ..I will out live him though (I promised him), but when that happens, I'm gonna get on a bus and go across the United States to see how many times I can get beat up and mugged and throw up from bad food. Oops. I mean to see the land, and sample the hookers in other exotic locations! Hmm. I might need a human companion by then eh? Oh. *tries to imagine taking on someone who'd completely obliterate my independence and solitude, and take all my money too, so i cant spend it* LOL! Naw! That's why I got the cat! But I am gonna do some traveling later.
  • Bonnie will be 23 in June, while Tarragon the Terrible is 8. Both are cats.
  • All my pets are fish...The oldest is an 11+ year old male Jack Dempsey.
  • Old enough to know better ;-)
  • My bloodhound is 3 and a half months young.
  • He just turned 8 years old on September 1.
  • I have had many pets over my life they have been from a few months to 16 years. I have had dogs run over, poisoned, shot, and put down.
  • probably 7 years old.
  • dont have one but ive thought of getting one
  • I'm not allowed to have pets.

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