• Some women like large guys. They're called "chubby chasers". She may be saying you're good husband & father material, when she says your a "family man". The term kind of means that. A family man works, but in his off time, he stays home and takes care of the house, the wife, the kids. He doesn't go out much, carousing with the guys, drinking and going to sporting events. He just likes to be home taking care of the family. Loves them, genuinely cares how they are. And this is an attractive quality to girls. ..Don't worry she's rushing things saying that phrase. She may or may not even be aware what she's been implying. But it does sound like you got a girl friend now. So go with it! Have fun. And if she makes you feel attractive and all that, because she thinks you are, that's great. You'll get more confidence in yourself (and they find that attractive too).
    • tarnishedcolt
      thx for that ..but the only reason i have not just said yes and started dating her is well i said "we" friend zoned each other.. like for me after we friend zoned each other i never even thought about dating her i gave up she would come over and stay for a while and i would be myself but she would say "hay your friend zoned you can't do that haha" and she told me I'm a natural flirt so i stoped doing anything she would say that about so even after giving up she just reinforced that i was just a friend then she would have me help her get boyfrined's and to me she was just a bro so i helped then her parent's couldn't keep her dog and she would have to give it to a pound so i just took him and rased him at my house and she would come over and play with him and hang with me . so after multiple boyfrined's all muscly and cut (she is easily a 9 but i think she is a 10) so seeing all her guy's i just amused i wasn't even her type the only thing i had on them was i'm 6'1 270lb big beard and i weight lift but i'm still very "fluffy" so i knew i could fight them if needed and win but i side tracked a little she just said that she wan't a loyal relashonship because she has never had one and i've only dated one girl for one month and never even kissed her 4 year's ago so i have no clue how to respond or how to think because i stoped seeing her as a girl i saw her as a bro my best bro but in girl form now i'm trying to see her the way i did the first time i met her and i can't i still see this little pink haired girl that was like my shadow at time's and not the beautiful women she is now .... i'm not very good at talking on the internet but being anonymous help's alot.... at this point i'm just looking for the opinion of strangers ...because every one of my friend's thought we were dateing with how she acted about me when i was not there
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      Oh, now I understand the "family man" reference. She doesn't feel attracted to you, she feels familial. Well it sounds like you've got a real friend anyway, and as long as you aren't wanting anything that isn't there to want, it's a fine thing. And maybe she can return the favor and help as you start dating (I bet she acts jealous when you do, but don't let that throw you, just an act (and a concern about losing having you 'there' all the time). I can only think one tip: When you do meet a girl you want to date, you gotta "be a pig" right from the start (making moves, getting fresh)(within reason)...enough that she doesn't have a chance of seeing you as her bro. This way you establish right way what it is to be about, if it is to be at all. As a friend told me, "if you don't do it soon after you first meet, you never will...she'll see you as 'safe'...Safe isn't good! She should be getting her butt goosed and a smooch and all that, right from the start or it isn't going to happen and you might as well go back to wherever it is you meet girls and try another". That's all I know. Oh and hey, 270 pounds is overweight, but at 6' 1'', it's not like you're obese. You're a big guy, You weight lift. That's manly. So feel free to be confident that you can be attractive to a girl. You know what they say, it's mostly attitude (that you THINK you're hot) which makes you hot. Good luck. Enjoy being you. Strut a little! :)

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