• Cucumber slices placed over the eyes, while resting, reduces swelling (eye bags) I'm told. Or..relaxing your whole you might be in order. Choices there: 1) satisfying release-type exercise (including that if you'd like, yes) (but I did mean tennis or swimming or a punching bag or something) 2) a Valium (drugs should be a last resort though) (but I do sometimes take a tylenol, not for headache, but just to get rid of an all over icky feeling, or achiness) 3, 4, 5) pet the dog, find some laughter to enjoy, have fun and be with friends 6) sleep it off, feel better tomorrow (that's the "if all else fails" option). ..Oh and as for 'something you could eat'...there are herbal teas with calming qualities (l have one from Celestial Seasonings with Valerian in it (helps you sleep), for instance) But before I'd turn to that, I'd make sure I was eating three solid meals, with good quality balanced nutrition, daily, to begin with....and drink a lot of water (hey, what if that's what it is? Are you dehydrated? (You'd know if you were, because you'd be clearing your throat a lot and having trouble doing it....this happens from dryness. And yea it could make your eyes feel 'tight'. You need lots of water. There's no such thing as too much, because you'll pee it out, and it will cleanse you, and that's good. Other than that, that's all I know. Chocolate is said to give a happy feeling, but really anything that makes you feel happy, makes you feel better (got a hobby you enjoy? a dream you'd like to start building towards? Get busy! :) Have confidence in yourself. You're special, you're one of a kind and here for good reasons. Find them, and enjoy being you! (The more you do that, the less complaints your body will give! ;) )
    • Dustysoul
      Thank uuuuuu
  • My first thought is the Tibetan Eye Chart. I had one years ago that really exercised many muscles around the eye.

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