• Seaweed,Another method that seems to work is a sand barrier. beer traps also work as well.
  • You could do one of a few things. Firstly, you could try putting down slug pellets around the floor near the hutch. If they eat them they will be poisoned. Secondly, you could put a circle of salt around the base of the hutch. If they try to cross it, they will die or, you could try distract them from it by putting a small saucer of a sweet drink like beer or cola. All the above work when I try to keep them from my plants. Good luck
  • Pour salt in a ring around the cage, that will prevent them from entering the cage as the salt causes the water to move by osmosis out their bodies, causing them to die from dehydration, if I remember correctly.
  • I have been battling those slimy beasts for years. The best treatment is to place iron phosphate near the places where they live -- under logs, rocks, landscaping ties, etc. They are little white pellets with added bait to attract the slugs. When they ingest them, they stop eating immediately then die two or three days later. It has made an ENORMOUS difference in my garden this year. The product I found at Lowe's is Slug Magic.
  • im in the same situation as u, everynight i am changing my rabbits food bowl and hutch because there are 10+ slugs in the cage, i leave my rabbits cage open for him to run around the garden and he will not go in the cage to eat if there are slugs hanging around, i have tried most things salt, a bowl of beer, egg shells and also sand paper wrapped around the legs of my cage, nothing seems to work, can anyone recommend anything else, i was thinking slug repellents but i dont want to harm my rabbit, i would much appreciate any suggestions xx
  • Sprinkle chilli salt around the outside of the cage. You don't need to douse it, but get it a good liberal sprinkle. That'll stop the beggars.
  • If you hutch is on legs, put a ring of salt around them. This will keep any slugs/snails away! If your rabbit is out in the garden make sure that he/she doesnt eat it. Or just sweep the salt away after each night.

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