• I don't know. But sometimes it's enough wisdom gained to just have noticed how a thing happens. That alone makes you more aware.
  • Many times the birds and just singing and are providing you a chorus of their best singers. Other times they are warning each other of danger or food. Sometimes, I have a suspicion, they are all talking about the things they see humans do just to exist and thrive. Everything that is provided and free to them like: a place to live, free food, free clothing, freedom to go any place they want without having to get in a car and drive, fresh air 24/7, no need for a drone to see what is happening in the area, plenty of company,and a family that stays together to name just a few.
    • Roaring
      I have thought of this often: how nature does itself so beautifully.
  • with my 5 sisters, they would get their periods at the same time living under one roof. Sympathetic resonance!
    • beaker95
      Did you have to pee outside in the garden....?
  • My dog barks when she hears another dog barking. True, but very uninteresting...
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      You know, scientists recently figured out dog language. We know what they're saying now! (Essentially, "Hey. Hey hey hey! Hey hey hey hey hey!! Hey!!... ) (It took a $600,000 government study to find this out.) (Well, we needed to know if the dogs were in fact Rusky spies, possibly planning an attack.)(You think the American government is stupid? Ha! You must be Rusky spy too! *waves milk bone at you, to trick you into revealing your true canine spy identity*

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