• I really hope they bring that back. I wasn't very active on the old one, but I think I'd be more active if they brought that back.
    • Scotslass
      If you had the same avatar, then I remember you. Were you Pilgrim, without being a Satisfied Pilgrim in those days?
    • RareCatch
      This one here really sucks compared to the old AB, I remember you also. I guess there is a bunch of dumb fucks running this. I have been gone for 8 months and nothing changed! Aug. 20 2017
    • RareCatch
    • Subject 89P13
      I thought you were pretty active on the original AB, not so much on the DM one.
    • Queen Chelsea
      No it was boring I was the only cool person there
  • I was on the old AB almost since it began. It was much better than this new AB. they need to bring more of the old things here including a good adult section like they had. When they removed the adult section the old AB fell apart.
    • Myang
      adult section? what does that mean?
    • Thinker
      The adult section was more sexually explicit. Many asked sexual questions and obtained from very bad to very good answers.
    • officegirl
      Would point out that the current AB does have an "adult" section in which some of us do get personal and explicit.
    • Bootsiebaby
      I only rarely used the Adult section but I still thought they should have kept it. It was there for people to post explicit questions away from the main pages. When they got rid of AB4Adults, we started getting floods of explicit questions on the main pages and most of us didn't want that.
    • RareCatch
      All above comments EXCELLENT. Aug. 20 2017
  • More than anyone knows.. Yahoo actually may close since its a mess but nothing changed here in months..I just stopped in to see if levels,points and chat are here. Nope so byeeexxx.
    • Myang
      ow why? Its difficult to create something like this. Lets just give our suggestions and give them more time to develop and improve it. :) it's super user-friendly though right?
    • RareCatch
      Have not made any changes in months They have had plenty of suggestions buy did nothing. I belonged for 8 years on the old one and it was excellent compared to this piece of shit! Aug. 20 2017
  • I do. This new one isn't very clear and clean right now. I'm waiting anxiously for the paragraph spacing. Although the levels/ranks didn't mean much, I do believe they were a much better way to measure activity and helpfulness than this weekly leaders list which just reflects how many questions one has asked in a week. That just encourages spam.
    • Archie Bunker
      Paragraph spacing would be awesome. And not only does the leaders list encourage spam, but people who are re-posing old questions just to get their counts up.
  • Not for that but for the intelligence and interest of many of the people on during say 2009 to 2012. And for some good friends I am no longer able to correspond with.
  • The first version of AB was too slow. Often my answers would get kicked out before I could finish typing them - if the input box didn't freeze up on me to prevent my typing anything at all. Then the next version repaired most of those issues and the site became fun. It took awhile for the old team to upgrade and tweak their system. I'm sure, given time, this new AB staff will make this a more interesting place to visit. I'm looking forward to some of the old features returning too - especially the achievement levels and the friend requests.
    • Subject 89P13
      It was like they had years worth of temporary patches and jerry rigs piled on top of each other without getting down to the problem, until the code was f^cked. I always saved my answers to notepad before posting. The /fixed/ DM version worked well but Rich was not the best and, after him, the DM installed staff was horrendous and repairs just didn't happen.
  • i can't remember it don't think i had a account i only just made one today had one years ago i think but can't qutie remember what it was like..
  • I was a member for many years. I asked to have my account nuked around 2012 when I was studying for my Masters. I also got fed up with some of the argumentative members and points race.
    • Bootsiebaby
      I remember you asking for your account to be nuked, Scotslass. We all thought it was a shame, you were a good member. Still, if you were studying and AB was distracting you, maybe you did the right thing. Did you achieve your Masters degree?
    • Scotslass
      Hi Bootsie, I remember you too. I got my Masters in Art History and now work in IT, and recently did another Masters in IT Management. Funny how life works out. How is Kenzie?
    • Bootsiebaby
      Kenzie is fine, Scotslass. She lost interest in this new AB mainly because it lacks so many of the old AB features (points and levels, private messages and so forth). She might come back and be a regular user again if they reinstall those features. She now has a pet dog and she is totally besotted with it. It's a Labrador and she named it Marley after the cute puppy in the movie "Marley And Me". :)
    • Scotslass
      It is not like the old AB. I miss it with the exception of the points race, I never liked that. I have kept in touch with Mrs Cleaver, and occasionally Ombils and Juice. Do you still know people from the old site?
  • It was better than this one, for the most part. We need to bring back the private message system and friends feature as well as the points and levels.
  • Yup. My dream would be the fixed DM version (or a debugged original version) with Joel and Eric at the helm.
  • yes miss it. Users brought their families & lifestyles into the forum. I don't use the new AB as often: mostly when I'm extremely bored: I was a "Guru" on the old.
  • Very much so and also many of my friends I had there
  • I never liked the points and levels and all that crap. I think it was a lot about people seeing their name in lights. I do miss some of the old folks that were there and alot of the back and forth we used to have. Even the ones that I disagreed with, with every fiber in my body, along with the occasional insults. I think the fact that we have no idea when the questions are posted, nor is there anyway we can look and see in the profile if anyone has commented on your own comments. I don't like that.

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