• Here - sure.
    • Myang
      wow. That's awesome. Hello Anoname ;)
    • Myang
      i just realized as well.. you seems emphasizing the word "here". do you mean we can be friends here alone? here in answerbag? :D
    • Anoname
      Anywhere actually- your question mentioned "here." ...and hello back.
    • Myang
      oh! i see. im so glad to hear that from you ^^
  • Yes, of course we can. Over the years I've made a lot of great friends on AB. On the old site we had a feature that let us send other members a request to become friends and then if they agreed they would be added to a list on our profile page. That feature is not available yet on the new site, but I'm sure it will come at some time in the future. But in the meantime, I recommend that you spend a little time looking at clip-art or pictures that you like and find yourself something original/personal to download and use as your avatar. It makes it so much easier for your friends to spot you in the crowd of those silly looking "bag faces".
    • Myang
      hahaha! that"bag faces" . okay. I'll gonna change my avatar then.
  • Definitely, I'm looking for friends myself, it would my honor to be your friend , and as stated hopefully a friends request button will follow soon.
    • Myang
      TT you made me cry! haha! ok! Thanks for that Fox (hope its ok if i call you that way! (I super like fox!)
  • Hey Myang! you are my friend, I hope I can be yours! Keep up the good work!
    • Myang
      yes sure! you don't know how happy i am when someone told me that. :D Thank you!
  • Yes! You reminded me of Answerbag when you commented on an answer I gave long ago.
    • Myang
      :D that made my smile wide
  • We still don't have a "friends" feature on here, but yes, we can be friends. :)
  • It's really nice to be here! Thanks to all of you AB warriors
  • of course why not.
    • Myang
      that's good of you. ;)

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