• I'm not sure...I guess you start following...Hello Carbon...Nice to see you.
    • carbonproduct
      Hey Azlotto, nice to see you as well. Its nice to have ab back. Hope all our friends come back. I miss them. ;)
    • Azlotto
      So do I...ABII is a work in progress.
  • A private message system is in the works, and I was hoping a "Member Board" & "Friends Request" would be part of the package. But for now it's like Azlotto says - we can "Follow" each other in the meantime. That makes it a little bit easier to find our friends. ; )
  • Hi Carbon, it's me Boola Boo. How have you been?
  • Ask them for some money.
    • Ice man
      Hey dude, good to see you here. : )

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