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  • There is not nearly enough information here to answer the question. For example, if he is 12, he was probably just embarrassed because there were other people around. If he is 16, it seems safe to say that he probably likes you. Why were you "semi-hugging?" There are an array of other factors to take into account. Rather than play games, why don't you just invite him to a movie or something - or better still, tell him how you feel? If he feels the same way, you win. If not, it will hurt, but at least you will know that there is no future and will be able to move on. I wish you all the best, but this is just one situation where context is everything and really only other people who know both of you and were there will be able to even give a tentative answer to your question. Sorry not to be more helpful. For what it is worth - pure gut level response and based on nothing - he probably likes you. Few guys don't like that feeling that someone likes them enough to give them a hug. However, as I say, that is pure guesswork.
    • InsufferableKnowItAll
      Hey! Thanks for taking the time to answer. Sorry I wasn't more specific. We're highschool freshmen and I side-hugged him because we were in a bit of an awkward position. Your answer inspired me to be straight with him, and so I told him I liked him. We're figuring things out from there! Thank you! :)

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