• There are possible potential bugs, glitches and errors with your iPhone. You can force restart it, update the iOS, or restore device. To losslessly repair iPhone, you can even try an iPhone system recovery tool, like Joyoshare UltFix from However, it's better to buy a new iPhone as the device is too old.
  • Did you google it? That's what I usually do when I have a computer or phone issue.,screen%20of%20death%20can%20work.&text=You%20can%20restore%20iPhone%20with,in%20blue%20screen%20of%20death.&text=It%20will%20never%20cause%20any%20data%20loss%20or%20damage%20to%20your%20iPhone.
  • There may be seveal reasons for your iPhone abnormal screen, such as system bugs or app errors. And if you want to fix it, you can try to force restart your iPhone first. If there is no change, you can try a good tool: iOS system recovery tool to fix the issue within several minutes.

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