• Periodical backup for database - Code cleanup task is to remove unwanted codes and bug fixation - Monitoring traffic and concentrating to attract users from less traffic region - Implementing new changes in website like design changes or making website more user firendly - version upgrades to give user great experiences In conclusion you cannot do that if you dont have knowledge in this case you need experts helps
  • It is so important because it reflects what your business is all about. If you really serious at offering your services to clients,you should then show seriousness by updating your company website.
  • All types of Web site require maintenance and years' maintenance is important because now a day people are more focusing to buy any services and product via online, If you have any eCommerce website and you are not maintaining it, then it is quite possible you will not get any benefit from your website. Maintenance of the website may include BackUp and security checkup and bug fixing. These can be easily done by developer who was developing the website.
  • Website maintenance is most important to your business because to get more clients by seeing your business offerings...
  • It is as important as maintaining your brick and mortar store -if not more. You are more likely to mess things up with your website if you don't know what you're doing.

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