• The author.
  • Interesting and sometimes complex characters. The rest is cream.
  • when its interesting
  • A good title will more than likely contain the fewest words that adequately describe the contents.
  • 1) to learn something I don't already know. 2) If I care about the characters, and the plot, if I don't care about the plot or characters after the first 100 pages I give up on the book.
  • What makes a good book? Words. Sentences. Paragraphs. Just kidding. I think what sets a good read apart from a bad read is as much to do with the reader as it does with the author. If a book covers a subject matter that interests the reader at the time when the reader starts reading it, it is bound to be a good reading experience. A book might become universally acclaimed if it touches on a lot of subject matters that are widespread in the collective social conscious at the time. Some books in the past were largely disregarded when they were published, but then grew in popularity after the death of the author. Maybe those books were ready before their audiences were.

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