• It depends on the age of my kids. As teens, I would not have a problem with it. I grew up in a family with an older brother and sister and a younger brother. My dad is a doctor and he tended to treat nudity more like a question of science than sexual attraction, so although we were not naturists or anything, we tended to be a bit casual about nudity. It was not unusual for me to see my brothers and sister in the buff - and them to see me, especially in the morning in the race to be the first in the shower. Beyond that, from time to time my brothers and I would skinny dip in our backyard pool, especially after we had been doing lawn work in the summer. My sister would also skinny dip from time to time, including with us, though not very often. So we grew up with it and it was generally no big deal. The only reason that I would be more guarded with my kids while they are young is that I prefer to be around them to give them a better sense of when and where nudity is acceptable. By the time they are teens, say 15 and on up, I assume that they would have that sense. Overall, though - and I will admit that my gf is a bit more restrictive than I am - I don't see nudity as a huge issue. Context is everything, however.
  • Well I never had kids of my own but don't see anything wrong with it. Part of life is learning to adjust to different people and their ways. Maybe some kids would still want to wear a suit but others would feel the pressure to conform so as not to restrict the enjoyment of anyone else. That latter is mostly what I have felt in such situations. And though I might not care to take my clothing off I always feel it is right to do so if everyone else is doing it.
  • I guess it might depend on whether they were same sex or opposite sex friends that were in question, and whether any of their opposite sex siblings or parents were going to be present. Just as an example, Niki, do you and your hubby allow your older daughter to skinny dip or even walk around completely naked in front of her platonic male friends, if she has any?
  • No way! If they do that openly there is no telling what they do behind closed doors! Besides the fact I would teach my children to respect themselves and their bodies more than to let any pervert who wants see them naked! My children are far too valuable to be used as eye candy for perverts! What's more I'd report you to DHS/DHR for treating YOUR children that way! Children deserve to be protected from perverts, not served up like oysters on the half shell so you can get your jollies looking at naked children! That's just sick!
  • Hell no. Naked parents should not be around naked kids. That's f*cked up.
  • Nope, I think it's inappropriate.
  • I don't see anything wrong with it as long as your kid is on the right age, knows what she or he is seeing (since you mentioned that they are already exposed to that kind of stuff). naah, just let your kid be. pretty sure she or he knows already what's happening in the world she or he is living.
  • Allow? I would demand they bring back candid pictures of the idiots!

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