• These old questions are bullshit come on administration what are you doing grabbing for straws? Jan. 30 2017
  • I counted at least 5 separate postings of that particular question. What does it matter anyway?
    • Ice man
      It indicates that either a hacker is in the system and having fun, or there is a problem somewhere.
    • Crazychick
      I meant what does it matter if some celebrity is gay? Why would anybody make such a big song and dance about it?
  • I have seen that one several times, and several similar questions with names of other celebrities. I don't get it why some people on this site are so obsessive about who is gay. What difference does it make? What is the big deal about it?
    • Ice man
      Click on the avatar in the question box of one of them and then tell me where/who's profile it went to.
  • maybe you should report it
    • Ice man
      I did by asking this question. At the time this question was asked (last year), we had no way of reporting anything. Our sole means of communicating with the admin was to post questions such as this, and hope they would see the question , respond & take action. It was the admin who later asked us to post problems in the "Answerbag" category so they could monitor issues more easily. Since those days the site has progressed and we can actually flag problems when we see them, but not much has happened since then and we still don't have a proper means of communicating with the admin. Actually, if I'm not mistaken ... even the "Blog" hasn't been updated since the start of this year and it's now July 20, 2017. By the way ... the admin did see my question and stopped the problem from recurring.

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