• When I read the short question I was tempted to reply Lego but nobody wants to stand on lego... How big is the platform you want? A lot of painter/decorators & plasterers use upturned plastic beer or milk crates, sometimes with a bit of plywood on as hop-ups. Would a few of these supporting some boards do the job?
  • Why do you need the material to be "versatile" if you are just standing on it? It sounds like you want something stiff and tough, with a high shear modulus and mechanical strength. You could use almost any plastic for this task, if it's thick enough. The rest of the important information isn't given in the question: like, is this going to be used/stored indoors or outside? Does the platform need to be electrically resistant? Is it going to get wet? Does it need to span certain dimensions? How tall does it need to be? What sort of work is being performed on it? Are there any weight restrictions? What is your budget for the platform? Etc. Lots of plastic materials can be very slippery, but you could rough them up or apply nonslip mats over the material for better traction.

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