• All the drugs I did and not having children.
  • Having an affair with a married woman and getting her pregnant. Then after that, without first letting me know, she had an abortion. I am ashamed to this day that our friendship became an affair and then sexual. When she told me she was pregnant with my baby, I had asked her to keep the baby and that I would work out anything she (and presumably her husband) wanted. She agreed, but then went ahead with the abortion without telling me. To this day I feel like a failure. I should have found a way to protect that baby, my child. I have since been lucky and blessed to find a girl I love with all my heart, and she has, out of love, given me three beautiful children that I adore. I got far better than I deserved, but that affair and that abortion still haunt a part of me to this day and always will.
  • Not studying enough in school and learning the things I should have. I always wanted to be an archaeologist but since I never got the math and science basics I could never accomplish my goal. I was unfortunate enough to have gone to 14 different schools dropping out at the end of grade 10. I went on active duty in the Navy. When I was released after 2 years I floundered around for awhile. I was able to get in college for one semester and over time finally graduated with a degree in secondary education. It took me 10 years to complete. I still wish I could have become an archaeologist.

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