• 1-22-2017 The alleged scientific method: * 1. Observe something. * 2. Formulate a hypothesis. * 3. Devise a test. * 4. If the test fails, go to #2. * 5. If the test passes and is confirmed, the hypothesis might be promoted to a theory and used to prove other hypotheses. And it might not. * The actual scientific method: * 1. Formulate a theory. * 2. Make a computer simulation. * 3. Compare the simulation to observed data. * 4. If they don't agree, find some way to adjust the data. If you can't adjust the data, ignore it. * 5. Be sure your fellow scientists will agree with your findings, then publish.
  • Personally I like the way Neil DeGrass Tyson describes things.
  • Fatally? Doesn't sound too good. There is one downfall to science looking through a microscope... It does not find the Absolute truth.

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