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  • Tough question, I know, but this happened to me. I had an affair with a married woman - not proud of it and VERY sorry - and got her pregnant. I begged her to keep the baby and said that I would do anything to work things out with her husband. (I was young. Thinking a man would roll with that was probably hopelessly naive.) She at first said she would keep the baby, but about a month later changed her mind and had an abortion. It was the worst part of my life ever. I realize that the presence of a married man in the picture impacts my question, but as a general rule, it being your bodies, does what your s/o wants count as a factor?
  • Still don't like the way you phrase the question but the answer is yes. In your example she was not really your s/o but married. Though I would also hasten to add that if I had a s/o who cared about me no way would I ever consider abortion. I understand her course of action exactly - many if not most men are not OK with raising another man's baby and some would want to put her away even for having an affair. Although I think it is important for men to understand that our children are a part of us and come with us no matter who fathered them.
    • dorat
      Actually, I agree with you. Please note that I said that my situation is NOT an exact example of what I was asking. I agree, I was asking a lot of her. I also agree that most men would have trouble raising another man's baby. (Though as I told you in another venue - I would in a heartbeat. It would be a way of showing my gf that I love her and that any part of her would always be part of me. I get it though, I am a milksop in that way. Besides, the stats on this are not in doubt, the highest incidence of child abuse is stepparents abusing children not their own. Evolution again.)

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