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  • This probably belongs in the "Kids and Child Rearing" category, but since I have posted a number of "Adult" questions, I thought I would try this category since I "know" several of the people who responded in this area. (I may re-post it under the appropriate category, later.) This question was inspired by an answer I gave elsewhere. I sleep naked and my gf wears pajamas unless it is very hot out, in which case she might very rarely sleep in panties and a bra. I have slept naked since I was about age 16 because I find it more comfortable - no other reason, really. We have three children, two boys, (7 and 6) and one girl (4). Like all kids, they sometimes have a nightmare or get up in the middle of the night. If I hear them crying, sometimes my gf will get up and comfort them. If I hear them, I generally throw on a robe, go and comfort them (or get them water or whatever) or bring them back to bed with us. Sometimes, though, eyes at half mast, I just go into their room naked and bring them back to our bed, If either of us do, we either put them in bed between us, or sometimes, to comfort them, I will put them on my chest. They are in pajamas - generally Spiderman PJ's for the oldest, Superman for the second oldest, Barbie for the little one, in case you were wondering - and I am naked and my gf is either in pajamas or (rarely) bra and panties. I keep them on my chest and nowhere near my waistline. So the most skin contact - which I have heard is actually good for small children - is their little faces on my bare chest. However, they do see me naked from time to time. This is not very often and it is not a major bone of contention with my gf. (Our oldest caught us having sex a few times, but that is another story.) However, she thinks that it is not a good idea that the kids - ESPECIALLY our daughter - see me naked. I don't think it does much harm since it is infrequent and not sexual in any way. Does it? Is it different for my sons as opposed to my daughter? (I should add that my dad was a doctor and I grew up in a house with an older brother and sister and a younger brother. Dad tended to see naked bodies as science projects and not sex objects and while we were by no means nudists or anything, we tended to be loosey-goosey about nudity and it was not unusual for me to see my siblings in their underwear or even naked - even my sister, though that was rare. Interestingly, I only ever saw my dad naked if we were at the gym. I NEVER saw my mom naked that I remember. My gf grew up in a little bit more straight laced house. So that is where we are coming from.) With all that as preamble, does my gf have a point? Good idea? No harm? Not good idea? Different answer for sons vs. daughter? To me it is a natural thing and part of being in a family. To her it is more of an issue. I would not want to do ANYTHING to hurt my kids, so I would be interested in your opinions. I am not going to buy pajamas since this is not exactly an everyday occurrence, but maybe if I bring the kids to bed I would put on some underwear and maybe a t-shirt. Good enough? I have Googled this topic and found remarkably little on it, so your opinions - and maybe anything on the topic you may have stumbled across - would be appreciated. Thanks and sorry for the long question.
    • officegirl
      Guess my answer once again did not post. I never had children of my own but honestly don't see anything wrong with that. Could be in the household in which she grew up the body was thought of as something to be ashamed of. But I see no reason that the facts of life - such as they are - should be kept secret from children. They will have to learn eventually. .
    • dorat
      No, I posted this question in two places. ("Kids" and "Adult." I did get your answer under the "Kids" category and replied. Thanks.

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