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  • Ever notice dorat in motion pictures when they are in bed they always have underwear on? Has always seemed very weird to me and I really wonder just how many people when they want to be with their S/O don their underwear?
    • dorat
      Now it is my turn. Sorry, I forgot to reply to this. As you might have seen below, some women like to see their guy in his underwear. I like to joke that I have the world's biggest underwear collection because my gf often likes to see me in my underwear - and has bought me a lot of it. She sees it as being sexy in a way that you clearly don't. Different strokes, I guess. I sleep in the nude, and my gf likes that, but on a really cold night I might sleep in my underwear and she one time (half jokingly) told me that she considers that a treat. (I have all manner of underwear - briefs, boxers, the lot - even a few thongs. Most courtesy of my gf. Variety is the spice of life.) Anyhow, I can't speak for everyone, let alone most women, but I do sense that some women find underwear sexy. As to the movies, first, some guys do sleep in their underwear - but I think that for Hollywood, it is a way to avoid full nudity and an "R" rating. Just a hunch.
  • Sorry did not answer question. I don't care - he wears pajamas but goes without in warm weather. Basically I am the same but has to be 20 degrees F. before I wear them.
    • dorat
      There have been a few surveys done that show that most men and women wear pajamas - about 46% for men, 57% for women. Only about 12% of men sleep in the buff, with only 4% of women. Underwear is preferred for the remainder. (The surveys typically don't say if pajamas include things like running shorts and a t-shirt. They just say "pajamas" or sometimes "nightclothes.") I am with you, whereas my gf is a pajama person like your husband. Seems we split the difference on this one.
  • He sleeps in his underwear and I like that way. He gets too warm being in pajamas, but also finds rolling around in bed completely naked to be uncomfortable when things are flopping around "down there". So he's comfortable in underwear so he can have some support. And I think he looks sexy in his underwear and I like that I can feel his chest and legs when I'm snuggled up with him. :)
    • dorat
      He probably likes it that way, too. Thanks for replying.
  • I love it when my hubby sleeps in the nude, makes it so much easier to get to his goodies! We generally sleep in the nude unless it's really cold out. Then I will put on a night shirt and hubby wears a t shirt and pj pants.
  • If he's sleeping naked, I'm sleeping naked next to him. That means we had sex!
  • My husband has always slept in his underwear. He is like a furnace. I love to warm up lying next to him, and feeling his skin. I don’t think he’ll ever wear pajamas (hopefully).

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