• The search for the parenting recipe
  • Misplaced Motherhood.
  • What will fortunately this is one of the easiest pitfalls for the emerging writer .Some great titles will produce matches of course.You want to choose something that makes your reader think:What a fantastic title .Here's how to do just that.Google it,Maximum your choices,Don;t forget voice and point of view,Include precis nouns and active verbs,craft two meanings,avoid sabotaging your plot with your title,make certain your title matches your story.Writing skill are an important part of communication.Good writing skill allow you to communicate your massage with clarity.
  • This sounds more like a character description than a novel summary. What does your character want? What's the conflict? How does she resolve these things? Tell us more about the plot, and it'll be easier to come up with a title. For the record, publishers often change book titles once they buy someone's manuscript. The title you come up with probably won't be the final title.

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