• Not sure who those other people are but I saw Carrie Fisher in some TV shows or movies on TV.. Too bad - she was a year older than me. Part of getting older unfortunately is losing about most people you have reference to. They are gone but so many of them are still alive as a part of me.
    • Ice man
      George Michael was a singer/front man for an 80's band called Wham. Alan Thicke was a TV actor, personality and game show host.
    • officegirl
      Thank you Im.
  • Who would have thought it would be Carrie Fisher's mother - Debbie Reynolds the next day on Dec.28,2016. at the age of 84.
  • Debbie Reynolds, Carrie Fisher's mother also passed a day or so ago of a stroke at the age of 87 I believe it was. Or 84.
  • After that came my social worker my ex-sister-in-law and my cousin.
  • I think these 2 are coming real soon Kirk Douglas, and was going to say Don Rickles just found he died back on 4/6 so that's done perhaps Ken Berry or Larry Storch

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