• Yes, but we called it bivouac and we were all adults. Go Army.
  • Have been with my husband several times. Beautiful but strenuous and I am weary and smelly after a couple of days. Once when I was 16. Rainy spring weekend. Three of us and a guy. We decided he would have sex with each of us. I was the only one who didn't cum.
  • Yes my family went camping numerous times when I was a kid. My wife and I continued camping in part because it was an inexpensive vacaton. When our son was about 3 we all went camping and over 6 months later, in preschool, he was still drawing pictures of our tent. Both of our kids absolutely love camping and I can't imagine a better or more enjoyable vacation for kids.
    • Sammy
      Now, I that your family a nature family. Thanks for blessing my day.
  • Been camping my whole life.
    • Sammy
      You have earn a 10 Star Rating. I am proud of you. You are very tune in with nature and be in the great outdoors.
  • Yes, and decided that we're only going Glamping now. LOL I need showers and mattress 😊
    • Sammy
      Stay home. Camping life and camping life to two differ world.
  • We used to go camping every year up until I was about 13 years old. After that, I stopped going, because I hated camping. Still hate it. I have no desire to live like a homeless person, even for only a few days.
  • i did a little of that when i was in college with the other kids there
  • Yes to all three levels. Only a few times as a young child but as a teen and an adult have camped many times. I miss being able to camp now. I think the last time I camped was in the early 1990''s with my ex wife in the mountains of Colorado. The first time I remember camping was at Mesa Verde in Colorado when I was in the first grade. We camped many times.
  • Yes, all 3. I grew up on a farm.
  • All 3. It did not play an important role in my learning. I liked sitting around the fire enjoying my friends and family, making or listening to music, dancing and singing, enjoying nature with the people I care about, and making love under the stars. I did not like packing and unpacking.
  • As a teenager! if festivals count 😎
  • I went camping twice with groups from San Francisco's Chinatown YWCA. I was the only non-Chinese person present both times. Once, I went with my girlfriend Cathy Hui, She and I both loved to tease, joke and play pranks. Once, I was walking in Chinatown with my neighbor Jack Jeung. We met Cathy, and she told me something funny that happened to her. She concluded with, "And I got so tickled I peed in my pants," Jack stalked away. When I came home, he was outside and told me it was awful for a girl to talk like that to men. He would have died if he had been on the camping trip. I also camped and canoed in Quebec with my pal from Germany Gernot von Hagen. Two Americans went with us. In restaurants Gernot and I spoke French and got better service than our pals who spoke no French.

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