• I love chocolate cake with butter cream frosting~!~!~! But I love ice cream more 😱
    • Ice man
      Oh yeah, chocolate cake with butter cream frosting and ice cream gets my attention alrighty !! : )
    • Azlotto
      Warm apple or peach cobbler and ice cream.
    • Ice man
      Oh yeah Azlotto, that's right up at the top of the list too !
    • Crazychick
      Peach cobbler? Why, does it resemble cobblers? Lol:)
    • Black Mystique
      I love peach cobbler. Made me some a few weeks back
  • Not many things. I love chocolate cake. I love ice cream as well. :)
    • Ice man
      Me too! : )
    • Crazychick
  • A thousand things at least. For instance Mississippi Mud Cake or homemade banana pudding.
    • Ice man
      I've never had Mississippi Mud Cake (and hope it's not real mud. is it?), but my grandmother use to make a killer homemade banana pudding..
  • Almost anything.
    • Ice man
      Hahaha I'm guessing you don't like chocolate cake ? In which case ... I'm compelled to ask - what would be your favorite ?
  • Chocolate cake & ice cream when watching The Cubs winning The World Series
    • Ice man
      Hi Dorothy, long time no see, but it's so nice to see old friends coming back. Your answer sounds to me like a winning combination. Thanks ; ).
  • Yummy Strawberry shortcake with whipped cream ...
    • Ice man
      Yummy Strawberry shor ... I swear I'm gaining weight just reading these answers ! ; )
  • Not much. Chocolate cake is amazing. Chocolate anything is amazing. :)
    • Ice man
      I tend to be in agreement with your answer ! ; )
  • Hmm! I don't care for sweet stuff, but I'll go for a fruit salad with a touch of kirsh!
    • Ice man
      Fruit salad is good. I had some yesterday but without kirsch. I'll have to try that next time. Thanks
  • Fresh-baked brownies with ice cream
    • Ice man
      Always a crowd pleaser

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