• It involves lots of plastic wrap.
    • Refryed
      Well...thats a given.
  • No. I can't see it. It's too dark.
  • YES!!!!! Soul Less I was brought into this world, on a prayer and a hug, Spending all my time wondering, is my soul going into the grave that's dug? There are no answers in this world, of foreboding doom, Day by day,night by night.entombing my mind, as I'm led to my tomb. No longer will I wonder about this, there will be no more cries, As my body is lowered into the pit, awaiting the final surprise. >>>TBO @
  • My dark side involves cruel revenge on all those who cross me. I like that dish served flaming hot.
  • I don't think I have one. But I do have a low tolerance for people unwilling to make their lives better or who look to the government to do it for them.
  • It is when I have finally had enough of someones bad attitude or hateful ways and I do not care , once I get to that point , I most likely will never ever look back .. no matter who it came from , that's about as dark as I can get ...
  • Mmmmm ... let's see ... Dark.
  • No, I have never seen it. It's too dark.

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