• Not anything for me , my parents made me get married at age 15 and sadly it was a big mistake on their part The guy was a very nice person and we were both to young Good Question High -- +5
  • I still question real advantages to any other kind. This answer goes against tenets of my faith, I know, but after two marriages, both having failed for different reasons: The first wife decided she preferred wimmen to men and the second one decided she preferred anybody but me, I question the advantage of being tied to a stranger who might be so very different. In a worse case, a former co-worker from India came to the US with his arranged bride who soon decided she had married a fool and divorced him, a very rare occurence among people of that culture. The embarrassment impacted his family in India and the Indian socety in Detroit. She is doing well and continuing with graduate school. He's trying to live down the shame of being abandoned by his wife, and his family is totally shamed for themselves and him, as well. That example tells me to say "No" to the question.
  • It depends on who you marry really? One is not really forced to marry any one in an arraged marriage. ( Although some arranged marriages are forced) So if you didn't think you like the person you won't be forced to marry them. Also I think family, lifestyle, culture, religion are given so much importance that it tends to work for those whose cultures etc are the same. So the benefits that one can have are as follows... 1. If someone is very shy and would love to have a family and don't know how, and finding someone who he might like can be arranged. It like online dating. 2. A typical arranged marriage is in a very close family oriented culture, so the people involved are usually have same goals as far as their life. 3. The divorce rate in an arranged marriage is so low, may a maximum of 5%. which tells me that it seems to be working very well for most. 4. My brother-inlaw and sister-inlaw love each other so much and still enjoy each others company so much. and their's was an arranged marriage. also check out article on on arranged marriages. I thought it was accurate.
  • no stress?
  • I've met a few people whohave had an arranged marriage and I have to say, I'm rally surprised at how happy they are and well suited. I know it doesn't always work out that way. But in two cases I know a bit about, their parents really looked for someone that would be good for their children, and not just at caste, riches and what they would get out of it. They searched for the 'heart'. They knew their child and I think they picked very well. Their children think so too. It's not really for people who have grown up choosing for themselves but then again, look at all the failures when people pick their own and how most of the time their parents warned them a forehand about things that the children didn't think would matter but did.
  • I've often thought that pre arranged divorces for some couples would be a great idea
  • on one hand, yes. because scientists have already proven that being in love hardly makes for a sane state or mind in making such huge life-changing decisions such as picking a mate. there are chemicals in the body that make for a state of euphoria when with the loved one which blocks you from seeing the whole picture. so, i guess, having parents who have their children's best interests will be a good match-making situation for some (though not all) people.
  • ( Highlander ? ) many 1 you cut the dating time by 100 % 2 the cash you save instead of going out searching for that special someone in clubs 3 you can blame someone else when the marrage fails 4 your parents must love your mate, they picked them 5 the "no deposit/no retuen policy"
  • I look at reality shows on TV and I see my friends dating and I don't think I will miss out on anything. I am Catholic, not Indian or Romanian and I'm arranged to be married at 18. I was very happy about it. Sincerly I don't want to have to go through all of the problems dating brings, its easier to marry someone with the same beliefs and goals you have than to have to settle for anything less all of the cheating, sacrificing your morals and everything else that comes with dating just isn't worth it to me. Why doesn't everyone do this?
  • benefits: save money/time on the dating scene problems with in-laws? cons: don't necessarily know the person may not like the person may not be compatable for having children
  • I believe that some arranged marriages do work and you fall in love. Fortunately I am not from a culture where this is the normal thing to do, however one of my friends disappeared one day and I have never heard from her since. I believe, and I hope that she ran away with her lover whom was not of her faith or culture. She was to move back to pakistan to marry a distant cousin whom she had met when she was 6 and not since. I knew she was not happy about this as he was much older and she did not know him! I knew she was planning to elope but she didn't talk about it much and I was so ignorant back then that I really didn't realise the danger she was in if she got caught. What I am getting to here with this, is that I think arranged marriages can work but when they don't or the individuals involved don't wish to get married then I don't believe they should be forced into it or punished for it.
  • thats just sad n stupid..i dont think no one should choose who you would love and be the rest of your life..
  • There are different ways of looking at the issue. What is the divorce rate among couples whose marriage was arranged by their parents? Those folks tend to be on the outside fringes of our society, so hard facts may be difficult to unearth. We could ask ourselves this: How much valuable time-time that could and should be spent developing ourselves as individuals (schooling etc.) do instead spend trying to attract a mate? Seems sort of a cold way of looking at it until we realize that alot of marriages arranged by the couples themselves have broken up over issues related to a lack of "life preparedness". Maybe letting Mom and Dad do the hunting would have worked out at least as well. Who knows? We could also ask ourselves this: If we choose our mate and,inversely, they choose us, when there are problems, do we blame ourselves (we should sometimes), do we blame the mate? (usually). Might it be better to blame Mom and Dad? Maybe so. Again, who knows? I know this: the date and breakup custom we follow only conditions us to break up and ultimately, cheat and divorce. It's certainly not a be-all and end-all model, and casting aspersions on those who follow a different (even if odd) tradition may serve to point out our own folly.
  • iasn't a good idea
  • If it's something you and your family believe in, great. If not, that's fine as well.
  • It doesn't bother me as long as both bride and groom agree to have their marriage arranged. I don't approve of forced marriages.
  • I feel that its fine as long as it is consentual and accepted. If I were in that culture, I wouldn't mind one bit. I find it interesting. I realized a long time ago how given the right circumstances... Anyone can fall in love with anyone given enough time, mutual interest and respect.
  • When I first heard what it was I was filled with revulsion. Since, though, I've met folks whose families practice it. It's not that bad! When you consider how badly unarranged marriages can work out and how much families try to make good matches - I feel like it may actually be a better option in some cases.
  • Why? Who do you have in mind for me....?
  • Yes. Though technically all marriages are a "pre arranged" marriages. as third parties are always involved in two people meeting each other. Aside from those shotgun weddings in Las Vegas where a hooker gets a drunk to "marry" her until he sobers up.
  • probably, i just dont know what they are

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