• I have been paid monthly for the last 6 years and of course it has advantages and disadvantages. Disadvantages - You are rich for 2 weeks, then poor for two weeks, you only get paid 12 times a year Advantages - Good for budgeting /paying monthly bills etc, You get more money on pay-day therefore might be able to afford more luxurious items easier,
  • The only benefit I can see is that you learn how to set up a budget for yourself. I wouldn't want to get paid once a month, I was paid on the 1st and 15th for years, that worked out good.
  • It takes you until at least half the month is over to spend all your money vs the first of the month...
  • Your bills come once a month, so you have all your money and all your bills for the month and it gives you a perspective.
  • Well I kinda like it! I get paid on the 27th of the month all my bills come out around the 12t of the month1 That means I know what I have left for the rest of the month and can use it how I need to! If I got paid like every fortnight and my bills still once a month I'd probably not be good at putting the money aside to pay for these. In saying that I am sensible with my money!x
  • I used to get paid on the first of every month. It seemed really hard at first...but by the end of it I had learned to really manage my money well...and getting that check all at once gave me a real clear idea of exactly how much money I had each month. I kinda liked it.
  • I get paid on the 1st and 15th as well. I like this method much better because you only have to wait about 2 weeks or so for a paycheque, so it is much easier to make your money last that long. If you are only getting paid once a month, you have to make sure you save your money so it will last throughout the whole month which I'm sure would be much harder.
  • I'm soon to start a job that pays once a month. I have always been every 2 weeks. I'm optimistic. I'll just have to "pay myself" twice a month and remain disciplined. Although I know it will take some adjusting to say the least.

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